Church Stewardship/Generosity Consulting

How we help your church grow

We come alongside church leadership for a season to train, teach and provide stewardship and generosity tools. Our involvement will help members to see themselves as financial partners in the vision God has given their church.

How are we different from other stewardship consultants

Typical stewardship consultants focus on raising funding through capital campaigns. They prepare pastors and the leadership team to motivate the congregation to give. The focus is on the money and not the giver. Our focus is the giver. Our objective is to execute God’s great commission by making disciples. We know one standout characteristic of a disciple: Disciples are generous givers. They give freely of their time, talents, and money. We believe you cannot be a true disciple without this characteristic. Our goal is to help create an ongoing culture of generosity in our church partners.

What do we mean by Culture of Generosity

A Culture of Generosity is an environment in which a significant number of members give willingly, cheerfully, sacrificially and continually toward God’s work.

What benefits should you expect

We have enjoyed seeing amazing benefits with our church partners and would work with your team to accomplish these benefits in your church as well. Expected benefits include:

  • A significant increase in financial resources to enable you to fully carry out your church’s vision
  • Better relationships and increased trust with givers
  • Tangible growth with members both spiritually and in their personal finances
  • As leadership works together on a common vision, unity in leadership will grow

What is Our Process

Step 1: Generous Culture Assessment

Churches with a healthy culture of generosity possess common attributes. We evaluate where your church stands in relation to these attributes. Imitating these attributes may not be the right answer for every church, but this assessment is a starting point to help you understand how to grow generosity in your church.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

After reviewing the assessment and discussing church goals, we will work together and develop a personalized, strategic plan for building a generous culture in your church.

Step 3: Teaching/Coaching/Training

We provide initial and ongoing training/coaching to your leadership team to meet those goals.

Lomah Group Speakers

Reserve Travis Moody for your next event!

Speaker Options include:

  • Sunday Service Sermon
  • Winning in Your Finances Seminar
  • Building a Generous Church Culture Workshop
  • Leadership Training Workshop
  • Winning in Your Marriage Seminar
  • Various other speaking topics